Production & origin of our organoid hay veneers

All the basic materials used for our alpine hay, such as marguerites, cornflowers, arnica or rose blossoms, come from organically certified, sustainable farmers or mountain farmers and are bred and harvested with the utmost care in a low-pollutant manner. After an elaborate selection process, only the best and most beautiful pieces are gently dried and selected for production. After drying, our hay veneers are then produced.

Herstellung von Heu

First, the raw materials are bound and mixed with a natural agent, then pressed into a layer in a heat press - depending on the material between 0.5mm - 3mm thick. For materials that contain flowers, these are manually placed on the mixed material together with leaves. This is how unique ecological items are created.

The base layer here is a natural flax fleece that provides both stability and light transparency. Longevity, naturalness and strength are the focus here.

Our partner Organoid from Tyrol is one of the most sustainable companies in Europe and meets all conceivable quality standards that can be implemented with a natural material.

The philosophy and focus on sustainability fit perfectly with our company and this is how a long-term partnership came into being. Due to the large selection of products, we can respond to customer requests, especially in the hotel industry, and offer custom-made products.

From lavender to hemp, rose petals or mountain meadows - everything is possible.

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