When someone brought me a piece of veneer wood about 5 years ago as a joke, I was a bit amazed at how delicately you can cut wood these days, and then I was thrilled. Once held in front of a light source, the grain began to shimmer and the piece virtually came to life. Olive ash - I had never seen such a beautiful wood, or rather: I had never seen it like this, backlit.

There was fire in there! I couldn't let it go.

I gave up my job at the time and started tinkering with my friend Pascal Poschenrieder, a mechanical engineer. Our aim was to use this extremely delicate and yet sufficiently robust material to build elegant lights that would bring more harmony back into modern homes. Because that's what we missed when we looked around. Chic and modern is often cool and sterile, life has to come in, nature has to return. We had high standards of quality and ecology at the same time. Our lights should be top-notch in terms of workmanship and as compatible as possible from an environmental point of view.

We wanted to avoid using plastic if possible. In 2013 we went public with the first collection. And soon received the first awards for innovative and green design.

Meanwhile I run LeuchtNatur on my own and have discovered other fascinating things besides wood. Dried alpine hay, even stone can be made to glow.

The effects are amazing. The clearer the design of the umbrella and stand or suspension, the more effective the material can be. It is never the same because it comes from nature, but you always get the warm and cozy light that has been sorely missed since the invention of the economical LED. Incidentally, production is still exclusively overseas in the Chiemgau. From Bavaria for the world.

Matthias Stölzle - CEO of LeuchtNatur

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