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Epoxy resin coffee table made of olive wood

Epoxy resin coffee table made of olive wood

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Olive wood meets epoxy resin !

The grain of the olive coffee table is as individual as a fingerprint.

Our tree table coffee tables complement each other wonderfully with all kinds of seating furniture - the steel feet are minimalist and thus emphasize the tabletop itself.

The lightly brushed surface, the wild shape and above all the grain make it absolutely unique. We fill small knotholes with epoxy resin - afterwards the surface is finely sanded and oiled.

We have different shapes and sizes in stock in our showroom, make an appointment with us or have the good piece conveniently sent to your home.


Tischoberfläche: Geölt

Holzart: Olive


Tischstärke: 50 mm

Tischbreite: 70 mm

Tischlänge: 80 cm

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