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Discus 35 pendant light Europe. walnut

Discus 35 pendant light Europe. walnut

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Our wood veneers made from European walnut range from brown to reddish-brown with varying degrees of almost black grain. The annual rings are clearly visible.

The pendant lamps are truly unique pieces and are made in Germany as a natural one-off. Thanks to the integrated diffuser, the light is distributed extremely homogeneously over your dining table and there is no risk of glare.

Each lamp made of wood is absolutely unique. Lamps made of wood are unique and delight the senses as well as the heart. Let yourself be enchanted by our generous selection of wooden lamps and treat yourself to a piece of quality of life and luxury.

LeuchtNatur recommends two LED filament light bulbs with an output of 10 watts in 2700 Kevin warm white. Dimmable with appropriate bulbs. Suspension with two E27 sockets.


Alle unsere Holz-, Heu- oder Steinfurniere sind rückseitig kaschiert und sind auf der Vorderseite beschichtet/geölt.Diese sind somit absolut bruchsicher, langlebig und stabil. Es bedarf keinerlei Pflege.

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Technische Details

Lampenfassung: E 27

Höhe: 15 cm

Schirmdurchmesser: 35 cm

Lichtfarbe: Warm white

Leuchtmittel: LEDs

Helligkeit: 2700 Kelvin