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The handmade bedside lamps of the Pura series are from Bavaria and are made of veneer or felt. The Pura bedside lamp is characterized by its stylish and modern design and fits perfectly in any bedroom, sideboard or on the desk.

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Pura bedside lamps

The bedside lamps from the Pura series are handcrafted designer lamps that are developed and manufactured in Bavaria. The stylish and modern design of the Pura bedside lamp makes it a perfect accessory for any bedroom, sideboard or desk.

The use of natural materials such as wood, hay, leaves or cotton felt not only gives the Pura a special visual appeal, but also ensures a pleasant indoor climate.

The Pura is available with a lamp base made of pine or oak wood and a shade made of alpine hay, leaves or felt. Each Pura is unique and is a testament to the attention to detail and quality that goes into every Pura product.

Let yourself be enchanted by the natural beauty and stylish design of the Pura range and create a cozy atmosphere in your home. Choose Pura and enjoy the feeling of sustainability and health in your bedroom.