Sustainability at Leuchtnature

Sustainability is more than just a slogan for us at Leuchtnatur, it is a philosophy and the core of our business activities. Based in picturesque Chiemgau, we are deeply rooted in Bavaria's breathtaking nature, which constantly reminds us why our commitment to sustainability is so important.

As a company that processes natural materials such as wood, felt and alpine hay, we see ourselves as guardians of these resources. We are aware of the responsibility not only to value the origin of our materials, but also to preserve them in a long-term and ecologically sustainable manner.

That's why we source our raw materials exclusively from the DACH region. This allows us to accurately verify the quality and origin of our materials while strengthening local economies. We select our suppliers according to strict criteria, which include short delivery routes, low-emission production methods, certified natural materials and high social standards.

In our factory we attach great importance to the efficient use of resources. By minimizing waste and offcuts, consistently promoting recycling and using energy-saving processes, we make our contribution to protecting our environment.

Our lamps are not just handcrafted design objects, they are an expression of our commitment to sustainable, environmentally conscious and socially responsible production. We firmly believe that we are making a positive contribution to our environment through our sustainable approach and look forward to taking you on this journey.

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