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Pirum designer lightbulb filament

Pirum designer lightbulb filament

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Pirum is a designer lightbulb whose shape is derived from the principles of nature.

The filament has an exciting and irregular shape, almost reminiscent of the earlier tungsten filament lightbulbs. The glass body itself is mouth-blown and therefore has a very wild shape - as if it had arisen from nature.

With a color temperature of 2200 Kelvin, a very warm and cozy atmosphere is guaranteed. The power is 4 watts.

The slightly silver mirrored illuminant is supplied with a 2m black textile cable and a black socket.

  • Handcrafted in Bavaria
  • Free delivery worldwide
  • Sustainable materials


Lamp holder: E 27

Height: 35 cm

Screen diameter:

Warm white: Warm white

Light source: LED

Dimmability: Yes

Keine Skizze verfügbar.

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