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What does the E stand for in light bulbs?

Nowadays it is important to pay attention to energy efficiency and replace the old light bulbs with LED bulbs. But what is behind the mysterious E on the light bulbs? Why should we buy E-shaped light bulbs? In this article, we'll go over the meaning of the E on light bulbs and explain why it's so important to buy E-shaped light bulbs.

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What does the E stand for in light bulbs?

The E in light bulbs is an international standard that indicates the energy efficiency of household appliances. The E stands for energy efficiency and is used as a quality mark on light bulbs and other energy-efficient products. The E on light bulbs is part of the EU label that rates the energy efficiency of household appliances. Since 2021, all light bulbs and other energy-efficient products must bear the E-label. This label indicates how efficient the bulb is and informs the consumer how much energy it uses. The E-label on light bulbs consists of a seven-stage color coding system that shows the buyer the energy efficiency of the light bulb at a glance. The higher the class, the higher the energy consumption.

The color coding key is staggered as follows:

  • A++: The most energy efficient light bulb.
  • A+: Very energy efficient.
  • A: Energy efficient.
  • B: Moderately energy efficient.
  • C: Less energy efficient.
  • D: Low energy efficiency.
  • E: Very low energy efficiency.

The E-label is an important tool that helps consumers choose energy-efficient light bulbs. The aim is to help consumers buy the most energy efficient products to save energy and money. Light bulbs with the E mark are usually more expensive than traditional light bulbs because they are more energy efficient. However, these higher costs are offset by lower energy consumption in the long run. An E-marked light bulb can use up to 80 percent less electricity than a conventional light bulb.

For people who value energy efficiency, it is important to know what the E in light bulbs stands for. This label helps buyers find the most energy efficient bulb for their individual needs. It is an important tool for saving energy and money. The E-label is an important part of the EU energy efficiency label and an important tool for purchasing energy-efficient household appliances. It helps consumers choose the best products to save energy and money. Therefore, it is important to know what the E stands for in light bulbs.

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What does E27 mean?

E27 is a lighting industry term that refers to the size of the light bulb. This is a standard bulb size common in Europe. E27 refers to the size of the thread that screws into the socket. E27 is the most common size for light bulbs, so it is often referred to as the "standard socket". Our handmade lamps, such as our floor lamps , also have E27 sockets.

The term "E27" refers to the diameter of the socket into which the light bulb thread is screwed. The diameter of the socket is 27 mm, which is why the designation "E27" is used. This is a European standard used in most European countries. Some other parts of the European continent use other sizes for their light bulbs, but E27 is the standard.

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E27 bulbs are available in many different shapes and sizes, such as: B. in small candle shapes, standard light bulbs, reflector bulbs and more. They also come in a variety of colors, including warm white , cool white, red, green, blue, and yellow. E27 bulbs are also available in a variety of wattages, including low, medium, and high wattage bulbs. E27 bulbs are also available in various efficiency ratings including LED, halogen, CFL and incandescent.

LED lights are the most efficient type of light bulb on the market because they have the longest lifespan and use significantly less energy than other types of light bulbs. CFL bulbs are another efficient option, and halogen bulbs are a cheaper option that last longer than regular bulbs.

E27 sockets are a standard size used in many European countries. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors as well as different levels of efficiency . They are a versatile lighting solution that is suitable for many different applications .

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