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The floor lamps of the Atticus series are handmade veneer designer lamps from Bavaria. Our handmade Atticus veneer wood lamps combine modern design with the uniqueness of regional natural materials. The Atticus wooden floor lamp is available in different wood veneers. This is how we ensure that we have the right light for every interior. The Atticus design light immerses rooms in a warm light and combines design and ecological aspects.

The Atticus tripod lamp is tall, slim and elegant. Finally, the screen makes it a real eye-catcher. Here you can set accents, form specific contrasts to your furnishings or combine harmoniously, depending on which veneer you choose. The circular shade is available in seven real wood veneers and three Save the Rainforest veneers.

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Atticus Tripod floor lamps with metal base

Tripod floor lamps are a great choice for anyone looking for an elegant and stylish lighting solution for their home or office. The Atticus floor lamp consists of a sturdy tripod-shaped metal base that ensures stability and longevity. The shade is made from natural materials and provides a pleasant, warm light that transforms any room into a cozy home.

Thanks to its elegant shape and timeless design, the Atticus floor lamp fits perfectly into any interior style. The metal base gives the lamp a modern touch, while the shade made of natural materials creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. The Atticus floor lamp is also available in different sizes, so it fits perfectly into any room, whether large or small.

Overall, the Atticus floor lamp is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an elegant and stylish lighting solution. It is stable, durable and provides a warm and cozy light that transforms any room into a home.