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The Arcus wall light is a real feast for the eyes with its hand-blown XXL light bulb and the thin, playful filament that resembles a light bulb. The warm light it produces with its color temperature of 2200 Kelvin will warm your heart and transform your home into a cozy oasis.

Two different shapes are available, both with a curved solid wood hanger in the colors cedar, walnut or oak. Be enchanted by the beauty and elegance of the Arcus wall lamp.

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Wall lamp with hand-blown light bulb

The Arcus wall light is a true piece of jewelry and a feast for the eyes in every home. It is characterized by its mouth-blown light bulb in XXL format and the thin, playful filament, which is reminiscent of a tungsten light bulb.

The light bulb is made of high-quality glass and provides a warm, cozy light with a light color of 2200 Kelvin. It is available in two different shapes and can be equipped with a suspension made of curved solid wood in the colors pine, walnut or oak.

This wall light is not only a visual highlight, but also a perfect addition to any living room, bedroom or hallway. It gives your home an atmosphere of warmth and coziness and becomes an absolute eye-catcher.

The Arcus wall light is a wonderful combination of beauty and elegance and an absolute must-have for anyone who values ​​high-quality designer lighting. Convince yourself of the quality and beauty of this wall light and enjoy the warm, cozy light in your home.