Indirekte Wandbeleuchtung aus Holz - mehr als nur eine Lichtquelle - Leuchtnatur

Indirect wall lighting made of wood - more than just a light source

Indirect wall lighting can highlight rooms and give them a special atmosphere. Especially if it is made of natural materials such as wood, it can be a real eye-catcher . If you are looking for new ideas to decorate your space, be sure to read on. In this blog post you will learn everything about indirect wooden wall lighting and how you can best use it in your home.

indirect wall lighting

Use of indirect wall lighting

Indirect wall lighting made of wood can be used in a variety of ways. For example, you can use it to highlight certain areas such as a shelf, a picture or a niche. With the right use of indirect lighting, you can highlight certain aspects of your room or even create a certain mood. Indirect wall lighting made of wood is therefore particularly suitable for living rooms, bedrooms and studies.

Our handmade wooden wall lights can be a great addition. Their careful design and workmanship make them particularly durable and robust. With different types of wood, shapes and colors, they can bring a personal touch to your room.

The correct planning of indirect wall lighting

Of course, the installation of wall lighting should be carefully planned in advance. Care should be taken to ensure that the lighting is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Choosing the right lighting also plays a crucial role here. LED lights are ideal because of their longevity and energy efficiency and are superior to traditional light bulbs in many ways.

Choosing the right type of lighting

Before you start installing the wall lights, you must first choose the type of lighting. In this case, indirect lighting is recommended. With this variant, the light is mounted on the wall and directed upwards instead of shining directly into the room. Indirect lighting helps to make the living room cozy and inviting by creating a soft, diffused light to avoid eye strain.

the positioning of the wall lights

A common mistake when installing wall lights is putting them in the wrong place. If you mount your wall lights too high or too low, you can create an unpleasant glare effect or the light will not be used effectively. A combination of high and low lights is ideal for harmonious lighting. You should make sure that the wall lights are evenly distributed and illuminate the room evenly.

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Choose the color temperature

The color temperature of the lighting affects the atmosphere and look of the living room. There are three main color temperature options: warm, cool and neutral. A warm color temperature creates a relaxed and cozy atmosphere and is best suited for living spaces.

Choosing the right light intensity

After choosing the right lighting, positioning, and color options, you should also consider light intensity . The ideal rule for living room lighting is that you need at least 100 lux per square meter of the room. However, in an office or workplace, much higher light intensity is required.

the power source and the switch

Make sure the power source is close to the wall lighting. It would be difficult to connect the lighting to a remote outlet. Also, you should place the switch nearby so that the wall lighting can be easily turned on and off.

Wall light

Create atmosphere with indirect wall lighting

Another advantage of indirect wooden wall lighting is that it can create a relaxing and atmospheric atmosphere. The warm light in particular can help create a homely feeling and a pleasant atmosphere. Another way to use indirect lighting made of wood is to use dimmers. With these you can individually adjust the brightness of the lighting and always achieve the perfect light intensity.

Wall lighting can give your living room a whole new dimension and create a pleasant atmosphere. The right type of lighting, placement, color temperature, light intensity and power source are the most important elements to consider when installing wall lighting. Installing wall lighting can be a quick and easy way to give your living room a new look. If you are unsure, you should always seek professional help. Follow these tips and make your living room a comfortable and inviting place.

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