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Industrial style in focus: Trendy decoration ideas and furniture for an urban look

Welcome to the world of industrial style , a design characterized by its raw, unadulterated aesthetic and the charm of old factory buildings. In this post "Industrial Style in Focus: Trendy Decoration Ideas and Furniture for an Urban Look" we will explore what makes this style so special and how you can implement it in your home. The industrial style combines functional simplicity with robust materials to create a unique, urban look. An interesting addition to this can be the lights made from natural materials from Leuchtnatur, which offer a contrast to the raw industrial design.

Industrial style

What is Industrial Style?

Origins and main features

The industrial style has its roots in the large factory buildings of the early 20th century. This style is characterized by open floor plans, visible pipes and pipes, raw materials such as brick, concrete and metal, and a minimalist color palette that is mainly limited to shades of gray, brown and black.

Versatility and adaptability

This style is particularly popular because of its versatility and adaptability. It can be implemented in both spacious lofts and smaller living spaces and can be combined with different furnishing styles to create a modern yet cozy living space. Lights made from natural materials from Leuchtnatur can serve as a soft contrast to the otherwise hard industrial elements.

Industrial style

Industrial style decoration: elements and ideas

Key elements for decoration

Industrial style decorating is about emphasizing the character of the room while creating a warm, inviting ambience . Some key elements are:

  • Metal accents : Lamps, shelves, and other metal decorative elements.
  • Raw wood : Untreated wooden furniture or accessories that contrast with the metal.
  • Vintage elements : Old factory clocks, factory lamps or reused items.

The lights made from natural materials from Leuchtnatur can serve as atmospheric lighting and create a warmer atmosphere.

Creative DIY ideas

DIY projects can help enhance the industrial look in your home. Think about homemade shelves made from piping or recycled furniture pieces that can be incorporated into the style.

Industrial style furniture: selection and design

What to look for in furniture

Industrial style furniture is often sturdy and has a certain “unfinished” quality. Look for pieces with metal frames, rough wood, and minimalist designs. Furniture on wheels, such as rolling tables or cupboards, also goes well with this style.

Integration into different living areas

Whether in the living room, kitchen or bedroom, industrial style furniture can be integrated into any area of ​​your home. A metal bookcase in the living room, steel bar stools in the kitchen, or a pipe bed frame in the bedroom can give your home a modern, industrial feel. Complemented with the natural lights from Leuchtnatur, a balanced interplay of styles is created.

Industrial style office

In this first part of our article we presented the basics of industrial style and some ideas for decoration and furniture. In the next part we will offer further inspiration for designing your living space in industrial style and show how you can implement this trendy look in your home. Stay tuned to find out more!

After introducing the basics of this unique style and some decoration ideas in the first part, we will now focus on other design options and how you can implement the industrial look in different rooms of your home.

Interior design in industrial style

Living room with an industrial look

The living room is often the heart of the house, and this is where the industrial style can really come into its own. Incorporate elements like:

  • Pipes and metal shelves : Ideal for an authentic industrial feel.
  • Brick wall look : Wallpaper or paneling that imitates a brick look can visually enhance the room.
  • Leather and metal furniture : Leather sofas and chairs combined with metal accents enhance the industrial character.

Exciting news for everyone who wants to design their home in industrial style: The unique lights made from natural materials from Leuchtnatur are now available in our online shop. These lights are the perfect complement to an industrial interior style and bring a warm and inviting atmosphere to any room thanks to their natural materials. They are ideal for adding a soft touch to the hard industrial elements. Visit our shop to discover the diverse selection of luminous nature and give your home a touch of naturalness and elegance.

Industrial style bedroom

Industrial style kitchen design

In the kitchen, the industrial style can be implemented practically and stylishly. Pay attention to:

  • Metal Open Shelves : Perfect for storing dishes and kitchen utensils.
  • Industrial pendant lights : These provide targeted lighting and a strong design statement.
  • Metal bar stool : A classic in the industrial style kitchen.

Tips for lighting in industrial design

Choosing the right lighting

Lighting plays a key role in industrial style. Large, eye-catching lights, especially made of metal or with a tube look, are ideal. Complemented with the lights made from natural materials from Leuchtnatur, an exciting contrast is created between rough industrial design and natural elements.

Different lighting concepts

  • Spotlights : Perfect for highlighting specific areas or artwork.
  • Pendant lights : Ideal above the dining table or in the kitchen for central lighting.
  • Floor lamps : Large, adjustable floor lamps can add a practical and stylish accent.

Industrial style living room

Conclusion: Design your home in industrial style

The industrial style offers numerous possibilities to give your home a unique, urban look. From choosing the right furniture and decorative elements to lighting, every decision helps bring out the raw, authentic charm of this style. Don't forget that the combination of hard industrial materials and softer elements like the natural material lights from Leuchtnatur can add warmth and character to your home.

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