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These are the best products made from pine wood

Many folk songs revolve around beech, birch, oak and fir trees; the pine tends to fade into the background. It's actually a shame, because this wood has more to offer than just looking chic. Even in the Middle Ages it was used as a material for peasant cupboards, beds, paneling and much more. Anyone who goes on holiday in Chiemgau or another Alpine region cannot escape the cozy magic. Even today, parlors, inns and guest rooms are furnished with beautiful pine wood products .

Pine wood: stylish furnishing down to the last detail

Pine wood products – whether furniture or accessories – harmonize with every interior style . They come into their own in classic living environments as well as in modern homes. If the interior is minimalist, pine wood lamps, for example, add great accents, and they also contribute to the successful atmosphere with atmospheric islands of light. Stone pine products exude pure comfort in every style of living.

Why products made from pine wood veneer?

Chiemgau and other high mountain regions should remain as beautiful and unique as they are. This includes intact flora and fauna. Cutting down entire forests is not in the interest of the people, tourists and customers who live here. Therefore, only as many trees are removed from the stock as can be tolerated from an ecological point of view . In other places, however, reforestation is taking place. This not only benefits the overall picture, the measures are also the best protection against erosion, mudslides and avalanches.

Pine trees don't grow everywhere. They belong to the pine family, which are mainly found in mountains above 1,500 meters. In contrast to some other types of wood, the tree population is relatively small. It is therefore obvious to save resources when producing furniture and home accessories without compromising on quality. This works with veneered wood.

Pine wood veneers are 0.5 to 5 millimeters thick real wood panels. Thick layers serve as a cover or sheath for boards, which in turn are made from common woods or wood fibers (MDF). The veneer is glued on and joined together without any joints. Areas are created that are very similar to naturally grown pine wood.

Pine wood beds: a great living idea for the bedroom

It's worth buying pine wood because veneered boards can also be used to make comfortable bedroom furniture. Of course, this also includes beds. While side parts, foot and head ends are made of veneered boards, cheaper types of wood can be used to make frames and superstructures. After all, these parts are not visible. Making pine wood beds entirely out of solid wood is also an option. There are no differences in quality, but the costs are higher.

Beautiful pine wood lamps from LeuchtNatur

LeuchtNatur specializes in the production of pine wood lamps . Fine pine wood veneer is ideal for our cozy floor and hanging lamps . Many lampshades are thin layers that are bent into cylinders. The material is flexible so it doesn't tear and there are no unsightly creases. When a lamp is switched on, some light shines through and sophisticated structures appear on the wooden surface. If you are still missing an original lamp for your four walls, then take a look around our online shop .

Pine wood products
Pine wood for living space design

Floors, ceilings and walls have a major influence on how inviting and comfortable the home appears. The surfaces are an important aspect of living space design . Lining them with floorboards and paneling made of pine wood is absolutely no problem. It also has a positive effect on the indoor climate . The wood absorbs moisture from the surrounding air and releases it continuously. This will particularly please those who have problems with dry heating air in winter.

Connoisseurs swear by bread pots and pine pillows

Wood and moisture rarely make friends; where the two meet, mold is not far away. If you own a pine wood bread pot, you hardly need to worry. The climate is always dry and the air circulation is good.

However, mold can form if the moisture contained in the bread does not escape. This is often the case with plastic-packaged varieties from discounters. Preservatives ensure a longer shelf life, but there is no question of quality. Line the pine wood bread pot with kitchen roll, tasteful paper napkins or a beautiful doily - anything that removes moisture from the interior is welcome.

Hardly any waste is created in the production of pine wood products; even the pine wood chips can be reused. They are ideal as filling material for pine cushions. The essential oils it contains give off an aromatic scent of alpine freshness. Pine shavings are also said to have a positive effect on well-being and sleep. Try it out and arrange individual pillows on the couch or in bed - dream something nice!

Pine wood chips
Pine wood is easy to care for

Accessories and furniture made from pine wood are easy to care for - but too much water damages the material. Use a damp cloth to clean. If the dirt is of a stubborn nature, add a few drops of detergent to it. Pine wood products have no objection to additional care; commercially available furniture polish has proven to be effective.
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