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Wood veneer lamps

Wood, light, comfort – with lamps made of real wood veneer you can bring a piece of nature into your home. But these lamps are much more than just wooden pieces of furniture. These are artfully designed unique pieces. Find out more about these wood veneer lamps and the material they are made of here.

What is wood veneer: history, production, types

Veneers are sometimes wafer-thin sheets of wood. Some are just 0.5 mm thick. Thanks to modern machines, the wooden leaves can be cut particularly thinly without tearing or other damage. However, the technology itself is much older and comes from a time long before electric machines existed.

We know the first veneers from Egypt. They date from approximately 1332 BC. BC and are therefore over 3000 years old. The ancient Egyptians made veneers back then for the same reason we do today: scarcity and a love of high-quality wood. Noble woods were not available in large quantities and were therefore not suitable for building massive furniture or other things with them. By separating thin layers of the precious wood and gluing them to more readily available materials, the Egyptians were still able to enjoy the woods' intricate and beautiful grains.

Veneers have been manufactured mechanically since the 19th century. The first German veneer factory was built in 1843 in Freiburg, around 400 km away from us. Today the wood is primarily peeled. This happens quite quickly and without major losses. A machine cuts the leaves along the annual rings, similar to a pencil sharpener. Alternatively, veneers can also be cut. Continuous patterns are created by cutting the wood leaves crosswise, i.e. widthwise, from the trunk. During very rare sawing, the knives cut the wood lengthwise from the trunk.

How wood veneer improves the indoor climate

Wood is the optimal material for furniture, decorative elements and furnishings because it regulates the indoor climate . To put it simply, this means that it can have a positive effect on both the airiness and the temperature in the room. When the moisture in the air gets too high, wood absorbs it. As soon as the hygrometer drops, wood releases the moisture again. The situation is similar with temperature. Wood stores heat. A fully heated room does not cool down as quickly if there is wooden furniture in it. They still give off heat even when the heating is switched off again.

With sustainability and natural wood for more comfort

The wild patterns and warm colors of wood radiate naturalness . Even if you are sitting at home in front of the TV or in your study , you have a piece of nature in your home. But for us, this nature is more than just a resource depot for making pretty furnishings . It is close to our hearts and for this reason we pay attention to sustainability in production .

The wood for the veneers comes from Germany and therefore only travels short distances in order to cause as few emissions as possible. The veneers are also FSC certified. They are dismantled sustainably and responsibly, so that future generations can still enjoy fine wooden products such as our designer lamps.

Handcrafted designer lamps made of wood veneer

We make the veneer shine ourselves. It not only serves to embellish other solid wood buildings, but is also the focus of our designer lamps. The paper-thinly cut wooden leaves serve as lampshades. Even when the light is turned off, the different grains of the veneers can usually be clearly seen. Each piece is unique because it is made from real wood that has grown individually in the wild in a forest not far from you. As soon as you turn on the light, the beauty of the wood really comes into its own. The light shimmers gently through the veneers, bringing the unique grains to the fore and providing stylish lighting for your home.

Every wood has its own character

Let the wood speak for you to give your rooms meaning. With the dark veneers made from European walnut, peace will return to your home. The almost black annual rings can be clearly seen on the partly reddish-brown veneers. They tell about the age of the tree and its durability.

The situation is different with olive ash veneers . The heartwood of the ash is wild and characterized by cloudy grains and light surfaces that are sometimes more yellowish and sometimes more reddish. We also use our craftsmanship to create expressive veneer lamps from poplar , which are often interspersed with many small grain eyes. The pine wood lamps , with their very light wood, appear calm compared to the poplar lights. They exude Nordic charm and look quite hygge.

Our lamps are a love letter to nature and the craftsmanship that brings it into our living spaces .
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