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Tables made from wooden slices

The trend is also towards naturalness when it comes to furniture . Tables made of wooden slices definitely create a rustic ambience in every living room. When combined with epoxy resin, individual creations are often created that owe their special nature to the unusual combination of the two materials, for example as a coffee table made from tree slices or as a side table.

side table tree disc

The effect of tree disks on the environment

The naturalness of the objects conveys a certain sense of calm to the visitor, creates a cozy environment and emphasizes the preference for something special. Because every table is unique , the shape of the tree is often retained on the sides of the table top. The result is always a special piece of furniture with a somewhat raw appearance that spreads relaxation and satisfaction. This applies to all types of furniture, even if you want to buy or make a coffee table from tree slices.

But with four smooth sides, tables made of wooden discs also differ in their unusual production. Even in the conventional-looking examples, the surface consists of a single sanded tree slice, which is why the term “tree trunk table” can certainly be considered accurate. Even a smaller side table made from tree slices definitely has a rustic effect that a table made from standardized slats and boards can never achieve.

Our tables made of epoxy resin

The dining tables made from tree slices are particularly in high demand; many people want to buy an epoxy resin table and benefit from the special features. The furniture is often made from smoked oak. But customers also repeatedly request a side or coffee table with epoxy resin.

Oak or the olive tree are particularly suitable for a tree trunk table. The “epoxy resin coffee table made of olive wood” goes well with a variety of other pieces of furniture and gives every room a special accent. Its minimalist steel feet underline the grain of each individual tree disc. With the lightly brushed surface and its wild naturalness, not only does every wooden coffee table become irretrievably unique.

Make your own tables from wooden slices

You can also make an epoxy resin table yourself. A little technical skill should be available in order to implement the following measures.

But first, a remark about the suitability of types of wood. You should clean acacia or pine thoroughly before processing and then dry it. This is especially true if cracks or even holes are noticeable. Acetone is suitable for cleaning or special products that retailers offer especially for these purposes.

Prepare the tree disk

For all tables made of wooden discs, the first step is to cut the material. For narrower wood slices, such as for a coffee table made from tree slices, a suitable resin must be used. The wood should be clean and well dried.

  • Saw the wooden disc(s) to size
  • Mark the cutting lines
  • Remove bark, possibly using a chisel
  • Clean the edges with a wire brush
  • Sand surfaces thoroughly
coffee table wood

Make the sprue

  • Chipboard with a smooth coating is suitable for making a required frame
  • Screw the boards together as elements of the mold
  • Seal the joints optimally with silicone
  • Clean the cast frame thoroughly and spray on Teflon spray
  • Align the wooden discs and the frame horizontally
  • Fix the wooden discs at the corners using screw clamps

Pour the resin into the mold

After the preparatory work, especially perfect alignment of the mold, the epoxy resin is poured into the casting frame. This happens at room temperature, i.e. at least 19 degrees Celsius.

The amount of casting resin required depends on the dimensions of the table top. Of course, the needs for a smaller side table made of tree slices are completely different than for a dining table. The resin can also soak into the wood, so keep enough material on hand. For your own safety, please wear suitable gloves, safety glasses and a breathing mask during this work phase.

  • Mix the epoxy resin with the hardener and stir thoroughly
  • Add the color
  • Slowly pour the resin into the mold to avoid bubbles and splashes
  • By the way, the air bubbles burst when you use a hot air hair dryer

pour epoxy resin

Remove the sprue

After the material has completely hardened, you can remove the casting frame again. Be sure to follow the resin manufacturer's instructions regarding curing. Suitable tools for levering out the shape are suitable wedges and the chisel.

Post-processing of the finished table top

Once the frame has been separated from the table top made of wood and epoxy resin, post-processing follows - whether it is a coffee table made of tree slices or another model.

  • Adjust the level of wood and resin by sanding or milling
  • Place the table top on a soft surface (Styrofoam) and trim the edges
  • Smooth the edges and edges with sandpaper
  • Thoroughly clean the table top and remove dust
  • Apply transparent synthetic resin as a sealant to the entire surface, first seal the top and edges, allow to harden, then the bottom
  • Sand everything down and seal again

The self-made epoxy resin table is ready.

What is epoxy resin?

The plastic epoxy resin offers you a number of possibilities for creative development. The material can be cast into any shape imaginable. Adding color pigments creates very special effects, especially in combination with wood on an epoxy resin table.

Heat is generated when epoxy resin cures. If the casting is large, the resin can actually get hot. This chemical reaction often results in boiling bubbles or sometimes stress cracks. For this reason, a resin that reacts more slowly is recommended for a thick casting.

However, choosing a completely different material such as polyester resin would not be a good decision . Epoxy resin is particularly suitable for combining with wooden elements to create a piece of furniture. When processed, it does not stick, is resistant to oil , is solvent-free, becomes extremely hard and is easy to maintain .

Epoxy resin
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