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The Ligno series of floor lamps is a handcrafted designer series from Bavaria. Our handmade lamps made of veneered wood combine modern design with the uniqueness of regional natural materials. The Ligno lamps are available in various natural materials, so that there is a suitable lamp for every interior design. The Ligno designer wooden lamp bathes rooms in a warm light and combines design and ecological aspects.

The Ligno lamps are ecologically interpreted and consist of natural bases made of oak, walnut and stone pine as well as a lampshade in a natural look. The ensemble creates a cozy atmosphere through direct and indirect lighting. The round umbrella is available in a colorful alpine meadow, with red rose blossoms or blue cornflowers and can also be made from rubber tree leaves and pine wood.

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The Tripod floor lamp made of wood

Tripod wooden floor lamps are a great choice for anyone looking for a stylish lighting solution for their home or office. The Ligno floor lamp consists of a sturdy tripod-shaped wooden base, which ensures stability and longevity. The shade is made from natural materials and provides a warm and cozy light that transforms any room into a home.

Thanks to its timeless design and stylish wooden base, the Ligno wooden floor lamp fits perfectly into any interior style. The shade made of natural materials gives the lamp a warm and cozy atmosphere, while the wooden base adds a stylish touch.

Overall, the Ligno floor lamp is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a stylish wooden lighting solution. It is stable, durable and provides a warm and cozy light that transforms any room into a home.