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Are you looking for stylish felt bedside lamps and bedside lamps? Then look no further! All of our bedside lamps are handmade in Bavaria, Germany by skilled artisans. For the production of our bedside lamps, we only use the highest quality natural materials from Germany and Europe, such as alpine hay, wood and hand-blown XXL light bulbs. These materials, combined with our artisans' attention to detail, result in bedside lamps that are not only stylish but also durable.

Our selection of bedside lamps and bedside lights are available in a variety of configurations to suit your personal style . Whether you prefer a traditional or modern design, we have a bedside lamp to suit your taste. With so many colors and shapes to choose from, you're sure to find a bedside lamp that will add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom. So why wait? Browse our selection of bedside lamps and bedside lights today and add a touch of style and quality to your home.

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Bedside lamps for bedrooms

Are you looking for modern bedside lamps made from sustainable materials? With our handmade bedroom bedside lamps in warm white light color you can bring atmospheric lighting to your bed. Our LED bedside lamps are equipped with lampshades that provide glare-free light but are bright enough for reading. Even when not in use, the bedside lamps are beautiful eye-catchers.

Natural lampshades for modern bedside lamps

The special feature of our beautiful bedside lamps: They are made of natural materials. Above all, our lampshades for bedside lamps, which are made of wood or hay flower veneer, foliage or felt. No two lampshades are alike.

Lampshades made of hay flower veneer are reminiscent of romantic summer days with petals of arnica, heather, roses, cornflowers and daisies. They are classic vintage bedside lamps.
Our wooden bedside lamps impress with their individual grains and are reminiscent of the tree that grew in the forest regardless of wind and weather.
Bedside lamps with white lampshades made from discolored rubber tree leaves look particularly decorative. They are suitable for almost every interior style.
Bedside lamps made of natural felt are particularly varied: many colors are possible.

So that nothing wobbles: the right base for the bedside lamp

The perfectly shaped feet of our beautiful bedroom bedside lamps, on which the lampshades rest securely, ensure a secure stand. There is a suitable model for every furnishing style: feet made of oak, walnut or pine wood go well with bedside lamps in country house style. Metal feet create a contemporary ambience in the bedroom, which is also suitable for children's bedside lamps.
Buy bedside table lamps: Proven quality with LeuchtNatur

The modern bedside lamps from the Traunstein manufacturer LeuchtNatur are available in different sizes. Small bedside lamps are approx. 33 cm high, the large lamps are 50 cm high. The diameters of the lampshades also vary between 13 and 28 cm. All bedroom bedside lamps are equipped with a cable and an inconspicuous toggle switch and can be used as bedside lamps with LED lamps.