Collection: Stone Veneer Lamps & Lighting

Stone veneer lamps are absolutely unique. Each lamp is individual and you can choose between warm and cold colors. The thin slate is brought to life by backlighting and there is a very exciting process of transformation when switched on. Treat yourself to a dining table, floor or wall lamp made from our various stone veneers.

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Stone lamps

Here you will find handmade stone veneer lamps & lights. The different colors of the slate are caused by mineralization and the structure of the stone. Iron hydroxide and limonite are deposited and cause brownish-reddish discolorations. In addition, the natural wear and tear caused by the weather ensures a silky shine. The thin slabs are cut from ancient real blocks of stone, creating natural unique pieces with fascinating surfaces. The split stone is then reinforced on the back with resin, making it flexible and unable to break.

Our slate lampshades are available in four different colors. Whether you are looking for a table lamp, a bedside lamp or a stone pendant light, be inspired by our selection of stone lamps and purchase a work of art to last!