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Atticus silver birch floor lamp

Atticus silver birch floor lamp

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High-legged, slim and elegant – the Atticus tripod light may appear anything but opulent, but it is not stingy with charms thanks to its round lampshade made of real wood veneer and the colour-coordinated textile borders on the top and bottom.

Our "Silver Birch" wood veneer is one of our "Save the Rainforest" veneers. We create fantasy decors of all kinds and reproduce the wood image of the most beautiful tropical trees.

Be enchanted by our generous selection of wooden lamps and treat yourself to a bit of quality of life and luxury. You can also simply purchase a wooden lampshade for your existing lamp from LeuchtNatur. Write us an e-mail with your request.

E27 socket, black fabric cable 200 cm with foot switch.

LuminanceNatur recommends an LED filament light bulb with an output of 10 watts in 2700 Kevin warm white. Can be dimmed with the appropriate lamp and plug dimmer.

  • Handcrafted in Bavaria
  • Free delivery worldwide
  • Sustainable materials

Lampshade: silver birch

Lamp holder: E27

Height: 150 cm

Screen diameter: 50 cm

Warm white: Warm white

Light source: LED

Dimmability: no

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Durch ihre einmalige Wuchsform erzeugt die Birke ein Furnierbild von außergewöhnlicher Eleganz. Feste Einschlüsse innerhalb der Holzstruktur führen zu faszinierenden, dekorativen Abweichungen im Material. Diese werden durch schmale, dunkle Rindenanteile betont und setzen sich wirkungsvoll vom hellen, beigen Hintergrund ab. Das Resultat ist ein verblüffendes Flammenmuster, das dem Furnier eine fast lebendige, dynamische Qualität verleiht.

In unseren handgefertigten Lampen wird diese besondere Holzart zum Kunstwerk. Sie sind nicht nur Lichtquellen, sondern auch Designelemente, die die Blicke auf sich ziehen und die Fantasie anregen. Ein wahrhaft strahlender Mittelpunkt für jeden Raum und eine nahtlose Verschmelzung von Design und Natur.

Von Hand gefertigte Lampenschirme

We rely on regional handcraft and sustainable raw materials

Our commitment to sustainability and regional economic development is reflected in each of our products. By carefully selecting certified woods and sustainable raw materials, we ensure that our craftsmanship is not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally conscious. We are proud to support the regional economy and ensure short supply chains. With every purchase you support our vision of quality, which includes not only the beauty of the final product, but also responsibility for our nature and community.