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Introducing the Discus 55 pendant light, a natural light from Bavaria. With its unique materials and diffuser, this handmade designer lamp made of veneer brings warmth and nature into every room and gives off a warm and subdued light. As the larger sister of the Discus 35, it is also suitable for lighting larger rooms. Bring the Discus 55 into your home today and enjoy its natural beauty and functionality.

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Discus 55 designer lamps made from natural materials

When it comes to lighting, natural materials are a popular choice because of their warmth and inviting appeal. And the Discus 55 pendant light is a perfect example of this trend. This veneer designer lamp, handmade in Bavaria, is not only stylish, but also brings a touch of nature into your home.

The Discus 55 pendant lamp is available in a variety of natural materials, including real wood, alpine hay, leaves and stone. Each is unique and adds a touch of texture and interest to any room. And with its simple and puristic design, it fits into any interior.

But the Discus 55 pendant light is more than just a pretty exterior. Equipped with a diffuser, also known as a diffuser, it provides a warm and muted light, perfect for creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. And as the larger sister of the Discus 35, it is also brighter and capable of illuminating larger spaces, making it a good choice for lighting large tables or lounge areas.

So why wait? Bring the Discus 55 pendant lamp into your home and enjoy the warmth and natural beauty it radiates. This handcrafted veneer designer lamp is a stylish and functional choice for any room.