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Here you will find all our pine wood lamps. All lamps in this category are handcrafted with a fine stone pine veneer or delivered with a solid stone pine base. Pine wood is a sensual product that creates a special room climate - a special smell and alpine look invite you to linger.

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Lamps made of pine wood

If you choose a pine wood lamp, you will benefit from the positive effects of pine wood on the human organism. The ingredients limoson, various favonides and essential oils from the pine tree have been used for centuries to promote relaxation and well-being and to improve sleep.

Joanneum Research has proven that the essential oils of the pine tree have a positive effect on people's sleep. In fact, using a pine bed can help reduce your daily heart rate by around 3,500 beats - which is roughly the number of heartbeats in a whole hour. A deeper and more relaxed sleep also promotes your health.

The essential pine oil is also often used to strengthen and activate the body, mind and soul. Stone pine also stimulates the production of northern adrenaline and dopamine, which promotes feelings of happiness in the body.

Treat yourself to a pine lamp and do something for your health and well-being. Our lights also come with a small bottle of pine oil so that you can freshen up the natural pine smell at any time.