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Discus 55 pendant light core beech

Discus 55 pendant light core beech

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As the name suggests, we obtain our beech heartwood from the heart of the beech. The heartwood has heavier, darker and cloudy grains. The color tones of the wood range from yellow brown to medium brown.

The pendant lamps are true one-offs and are made in Germany as a natural one-off. Thanks to the integrated diffuser, the light is distributed extremely homogeneously over your dining table and there is no risk of glare.

Each wooden lamp is absolutely unique. Wooden lamps are unique and delight the senses with their smells as much as the heart. Let yourself be enchanted by our generous selection of wooden lamps and treat yourself to a piece of quality of life and luxury.

LeuchtNatur recommends three LED filament light bulbs with an output of 10 watts in 2700 kev warm white. Dimmable with appropriate lamps.

  • Handgefertigt in Bayern
  • Weltweit kostenlose Lieferung
  • Nachhaltige Materialien

Technische Details

  • Lampenschirm: buk rdzeniowy
  • Lampenfassung: E27
  • Höhe: 20 cm
  • Schirmdurchmesser: 55 cm
  • Lichtfarbe: Warm white
  • Leuchtmittel: diody LED
  • Helligkeit: 
  • Dimmbarkeit : Yes
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