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The table lamps of the Arboreus series are handmade designer lamps made of veneer from Bavaria. Remarkably inconspicuous like a small tree in the forest, the Arboreus table lamp blends harmoniously into e.g. the bedside table or the desk environment. Despite its simple design, the beautifully grained shade attracts everyone's attention.

The cylindrical shade is available in seven real wood veneers. The top and bottom are provided with a textile border that matches the base.

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Designer table lamps made of alpine hay & wood veneer

The Arboreus table lamps are something very special for everyone who values ​​quality and design. Handcrafted in Bavaria from high-quality veneer, they fit harmoniously into any living environment. As strikingly inconspicuous as a small tree in the forest, they offer the perfect lighting for a bedside table or desk.

Despite its simple design, the cylindrical umbrella attracts everyone's attention. Available in seven real wood veneers, it has a textile border at the top and bottom that matches the base, giving it a special touch.

If you are looking for a table lamp that combines quality, design and functionality, then the handcrafted Arboreus table lamps are just the thing for you. Elegant yet simple, they fit perfectly into any living environment. Buy your Arboreus table lamp now and enjoy its wonderful design and first-class quality.