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Luminescent nature lamps made of wood veneer combine modern cosiness with a rustic wood look. Thanks to our extremely thin manufacturing process, our lamps made of wood veneer radiate a homely, warm color in all directions.

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Wood veneer lamps

In order to deliver high quality, we only select the best veneers. All wood veneers are handpicked - the effort is worth it, as this is the only way we can guarantee longevity and perfect products. Each wood has a unique grain and provides a distinctive look. This always results in unique pieces that inspire. The special sealing of the surfaces with natural oils enhances the color contrast of the grain: the wood takes on a special and more intensely colored glow. The brown and reddish tones of the wood veneer lamps produce a particularly warm light - a tiled stove atmosphere is guaranteed!
Our house supplier Schorn & Groh operates in a very environmentally conscious and sustainable manner. The producer has made it its task to protect forests worldwide and prefers to work with forest owners who manage their forests responsibly. In addition, only legally imported wood comes into the house. This guarantees the customer safe handling of the valuable raw material wood.
Schonr und Groh has been FSC®-certified since 2003 and PEFC-certified since 2008. Of course, we only use veneers that have this seal.

Only old trees are taken from the forest for veneer production - so the forest can quickly close this gap in a natural way. This also guarantees added value for the forest owner, which enables him to work sustainably and achieve good prices.