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Here you will find all our satin walnut lamps. All lamps in this category are hand finished with a fine satin walnut veneer.

Satin walnut has a lighter wood than European walnut. The hues range from whitish pink to dark brown and reddish brown. The annual rings are clearly visible. The structure is even and fine. The wood has a silky sheen.

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Lamps & lights made of satin walnut veneer

Our satin walnut lamps are made from high-quality satin walnut veneer and fit perfectly into any modern or traditional living environment. The warm tones of the wood and the silky shine give every room an elegant and cozy atmosphere.

The fine veneer is carefully selected and processed by experienced craftsmen to ensure the best possible quality and appearance. Each lamp is unique and an eye-catcher in your home.

In addition to the attractive look, our satin walnut lamps also offer excellent functionality. The lamps are available in different sizes and styles, from floor and table lamps to wall lights and pendant lights. This way you can find the perfect lamp for your needs and taste.

We attach great importance to sustainability and only use satin walnut wood from responsible forestry. So you can be sure that you are purchasing an environmentally friendly and long-lasting product.

Convince yourself of the quality and beauty of our satin walnut lamps and discover the diverse selection in our online shop. We look forward to your visit and will be happy to answer any questions or suggestions you may have.